I live in Midlothian Virginia, just outside of Richmond, with my wife, Katie, and our two boys, Nathan (11) and Jake (7).

When I'm not working on new digital ideas, I spend my time being a husband, father, and helping cart the kids around town to various activities, including baseball, soccer, swimming, and basketball. I'm working on season #6 as an assistant baseball coach.  Aside from that, I enjoy smoking meats in my $150 electric smoker, and ebb and flow in terms of my interest in the RVA Craft beer scene.  I’m old enough to still think of them as Microbrews.  I drive a pick-up truck, and mow my backyard with a Cub Cadet tractor. While I grew up in New Jersey, I’ve embraced the southern life. 

I’m an ordinary guy who likes to work hard and smart, and appreciates free time time with family and friends.

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