Consultation Framework

I use an 8-step process to create structure to determine what I'm trying to solve and what I'm trying to achieve.  Over the past 10+ years, my digital marketing, process, technology and analytical skills have joined forces with my background in consulting.  Here’s my consultation framework. 


1.      Learn your business model.  What do you sell, who is your customer, and how do you sell?  How do you make money? What are your economics?  What does it cost you to acquire a customer and what is your value per customer?  

2.      Problem definition.  What are the problems you’re looking to solve? What’s working? What’s not working? How do you know?

3.      How are these problems being addressed today? 

4.      Identify Objectives.  Sales volume goals, cost per customer, value per customer, cost savings. Note, I don’t consider lead volume to be an objective unless you’re in the ‘leads selling’ business.  In most other businesses, leads is an input to sales, with sales being the ultimate objective.   

5.      Data gathering and analysis to understand current performance, and vs. goals.

6.      Infrastructure analysis. What platforms are being used, how are they working, what are the key processes, and where are the pains?

7.      Constraints – time, people, money. 

8.      Synthesize findings and develop recommendation(s) based on impact vs. complexity.